Success and satisfaction in and with your work

Coaching in the working area

A coaching suitable for you on your topics enables you to develop further in your tasks, functions and as a person. Coaching is helpful to maintain and promote the ability to act and make decisions in complex work situations.

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IT architecture and cloud environment expertise; viewed as a whole along with the organization

Cloud architecture and IT expertise

IT architectures and cloud environments usually technically reflect the topics and challenges of the organization, including the «hot potatoes», the «impossible» and the «red lines». As still active cloud experts and system administrators for large environments, we know these issues from first hand experience. We can offer you a product that fits your needs: whether it is an architecture review, support in change processes, external consulting, Scrum Master or collaboration in projects in agile environments.

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The next phase of your organization

organizational development

We accompany you in a holistic, integral and systemic development of your organizations. In this way you create sustainable, meaningful and useful processes, orientations, structures - in short, organizational elements.

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The operation / the project is running

Interim and project management

As experienced interim managers and project managers, we give you the time you need. You can devote yourself to recruitment or other important processes, while we enter into current planning, coordinate and report back, take over the leadership of the employees, who can continue to do their work in a secure manner.

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Sustainable structures and processes with sense

Strategic Projects

To develop a good strategy is demanding, to implement it harmoniously through the people concerned is an art. We accompany you in the implementation of these in projects with those responsible and affected at all levels and also in the development of your strategy. This is how changes and sustainable and realistic implementations emerge.

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